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borders are not an obstacle
for good taste

Our story

Hartford Europa was founded in 2020 with a simple goal: to provide affordable quality beverages for everyone to enjoy.
All of us, as consumers, seek the same thing: value for money.
We noticed that finding low-priced quality liquor can be a challenge. One has to dish out more money than he would like or settle for less…

This is why our mission is to provide competitive drinks that are easy on the pocket.

Hartford Europa specializes in sales of alcoholic beverages of all types ranging from spirits (Whisky, Vodka, Gin, and Rum) to alcopop and the newly hyped ready-to-mix cocktails.

What makes our beverages unique? Our offering is truly international!
American savoir-faire, Portuguese influence, Goan expertise… our products truly spell exoticism!

Our products are commercialized in Asia, South America, and Africa.
Now, our goal is to provide novelty and unique products to the European market.

Our team of blenders are innovative and focused on developing new products to meet consumer tastes and preferences with our wide panel of brands.
Research and innovation are key elements of the company’s strategy to continuously develop and grow.
Our series of flavored vodkas and cocktails that has captured the imagination of the young generation is a testimony.


Our products are manufactured under the license of our sister company Hartford Eastern Holdings LLC, USA.

Our production plant is located in Goa, which is a world-renowned Eldorado for liquor manufacturing.

Our partners include Beam Suntory for whom we produce their immensely popular blended scotch “Teacher’s” and “Jim Beam”, the number one sold bourbon whisky in the world.

Furthermore, we work hand in hand with Meakin Limited, India’s oldest liquor and beer producer anchored since 1855.

Their iconic “Old Monk Rum” holds the monopole of the market in India.

With four factories, we have over three decades of experience in the liquor trade manufacturing covering alcohol distillation, multiple column redistillation, blending, bottling, and packaging.

By selecting and sourcing high-quality ingredients (extra neutral alcohol, grain spirits, Scottish malt, grape spirits, natural extracts, and flavors), our spirits are elaborated following ancient, traditional recipes.


With its unique culture, the liquors of Goa have a long tradition of superior quality and taste following the indelible influences of Portuguese roots.

From the colonial days, the alcohol trade and industry have blossomed to the point it has become substantial in the economy of the state.

A key protagonist of our rich History is Charles Victor, a native of Green Bay Wisconsin, USA.

He lived above his grandmother’s tavern and developed a strong abiding interest in the art of making and blending spirits.

Through his lifelong passion and commitment, he developed his skills over a lifetime of experimentation and travels.

His unique blends and formulas were inspired by his travels through the producing regions of Bourbon and whisky in the USA and Scotland.

Charles was fascinated by the ways in which America produced bourbon and Tennessee whiskies and thrived to develop his own perfect rendition, known today as “Highbury Classic”.

The tale carries on to the shores of Goa where Charles realized the beautiful seaside state was a point of merging cultures of Americans, Europeans, and Indians.

He was convinced Goa was the ideal place to pursue his dream of creating and capturing blends.

Come celebrate the devotion and lifelong work of a self-taught genius…


“Drink better for less”

We care for our customers and are committed to retaining their loyalty to our brands by offering a wide range of choices.

The company’s aim and passion are to provide our diverse community of customers with a variety of ‘value for money” products across a full range of price points.

Because affordable prices don’t mean dismissing quality, our mission is to offer superior quality at competitive prices.

With this aim, we work in total co-operation with our distributors worldwide to reach our final customers.

We pride ourselves on working with business associates and third-party distributors to whom our commitment is total and long-standing in foreign markets.